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Applications F.A.Q

Here are our most frequently asked questions about course applications, the process invovled, fees and start dates.

  1. Select an accredited course here
  2. Find an  available intake by clicking the apply button
  3. Fill out the application form details
  4. You will receive a confirmation email of your application containing a bunch of formal pre-enrolment information documents which are important for you to read, plus a link to the LLN test to complete prior to a pre-training review with one of our experienced Enrolment Officers
  5. Our Enrolment Officers will call you to book in a time for your pre-training review and in the meeting we will explain the start dates and induction day.
  1. Select a short course here
  2. Find an available intake by clicking the enrol button
  3. Fill out the enrolment form details
  4. You will be required to pay for your short course online to confirm your enrolment
  5. You will receive a confirmation email of your enrolment with all details needed before your short course begins

Each course has it’s owns fees table.  If you click here and search for a course, open the course page  and you will find down the page a fee table.  Our schedule of fees table has all our funded course fee information which also has a search function for more comprehensive information for each courses fees and funded amounts.

Please click here and fill out our eligibility form to find out if you are eligible for funding.  We can confirm your funding at the one-on-one interview.

No, our courses are currently not offered as an ONLINE delivery model. They are offered either as face-to-face classroom delivery or Connected in Real Time Delivery (CiRT) which is via real-time video classes.

Each course page has a section on ‘Delivery Modes’ which will specifically detail each courses delivery model.


Learning is Self Paced and Self Directed in your own time as you have the time.


is the process of using Live video streaming/conferencing using platforms such as Google Meetings, Zoom, Skype, Teams, the trainer can verify your identity for participation in the course.

It involves real-time interaction between you and the Trainer and other Learners, provides for active participation and direct observations between Learners and the Trainers, and verbal assessments can be undertaken where necessary in assessment components.

We have a BYOD Policy which states that at a minimum you need a digital device – Laptop, iPad or Android Device.

Each accredited course page has a section called ‘Entry Requirements’ which highlights exactly what you need before starting your course.

If you are enrolling into a short course you do not generally require a device although please check each course page for specific requirements.

It is recommended that your bring a device to any Avante Education course.

If you do not have a device which meets our minimum requirements you can purchase a TECHkit from Avante Education online or during your one-on-one interview.

We generally deliver courses in Victoria although each course page has information on where we delivery under ‘Delivery Locations’ with detailed information on each location.

Our accredited courses are usually delivered between 1-2 years although the amount of training for you will depend on the information you provide before you are admitted into the course.

Each course page has the course duration under the section called ‘Course Duration’.

Yes, this process is called application for Credit Transfer. All you need to do is show us the original of your certificates and as soon as we verify them either by contacting your previous RTO or TAFE where you completed these certificates or you providing your transcript on your USI register, we will provide the credit transfer.

It’s important to let us know at your one-on-one interview if you expect this to be the case and you wish to make an application for a credit transfer.

Alternatively, you can supply your evidence on the online application form when applying for your course which will allow us to give you an outcome of your credit application at your one-on-one interview.

More information can be found on our credit transfer page.

No, you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and if you have the evidence required to demonstrate you already have competency in some of the areas of the course, we will provide an RPL process for you as a way to formally recognised for your skills and knowledge.

More information can be found on our RPL page.

If you do not have evidence to demonstrate competency in a full subject of study, we cannot provide an RPL process for you, but we can provide some credit, no more than 20% of the nominal hours of the unit, against the duration (volume of learning) in the course.

You can discuss this in detail during your pre-training review with us and our Learning Pathway Officer will assist you with this.

If the course page indicates it’s accredited and has this logo then yes it is Nationally Recognised.

We have a whole range of further study options which you can apply for once your complete your course.  Our one-on-one interview will highlight your further study options.

Yes, we conduct a thorough pre-training review with you prior to enrolment so that we can understand your particular needs and prior experience. We will confirm this with you in a pre-training proposal for you to accept prior to enrolment.

Yes, all of our trainers are Industry experts and continue to work in the industry in which they train and assess.

Yes, All of our Trainers hold a minimum of TAE40116 Training and Assessment and engage in extensive professional development on a regular basis to ensure they have the skills to meet the needs of all learners from various backgrounds and learning styles.

Yes, our trainers will identify this after you commence in the course and work with you to provide additional support services to help you.

We are a Registered Training Organisation with the Australian Skills Quality Authority and this is the same Authority that regulates private RTO’s and TAFE.

Private RTO’s must work to the same regulations and standards as TAFE’s and both must comply with the Standards for Registered RTO’s (SRTO2015).

It is a mandatory requirement for all RTO’s to engage in rigorous Industry Consultation to ensure the course we deliver is to Industry current standards so that they can rely on our graduates to have the skills and knowledge to be employed in the industry.

Exam’s are a School or University concept. In VET we do not have “exams”.

All our accredited courses have ‘assessments’ and you must achieve all expectations of each assessment for all units of competency in your course.

Each course page has information on the assessment methods used and your pre-training proposal compiled after your one-on-one interview will highlight the exact assessment methods your will be enrolled into.

We will give you one more retry for each assessment after the first one.

Yes, these will be provided to you in electronic format or hard copy depending on your preference which you will tell us during your one-on-one interview

A non-refundable application fee is payable on enrolment.

If you are not eligible for Government funding, a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payment plan are available for selected courses to suit your preferred payment option.

Each course page has a section called ‘Payment Options’ which specifically details the payment options available for each course.

This acronym stands for Language, Literacy and Numeracy. It is used by us to ensure you have the right levels of Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills required to be able to undertake the course successfully.

You will need to complete an LLN test before entering our accredited courses unless you have a VCE certificate for completing Year 12

Don’t worry, during the one-on-one interview, we will ask you what your previous level of qualification and studies are and if necessary, we will get you to sit a Language, Literacy and Numeracy Test just so we can see what level you are at and what level of support we need to design into your training plan designed just for you.

We generally structure a minimum of 20% of the study hours of this course as self-directed learning. This is homework and learning in your own time and usually based around the theory activities of this course.

You will find the course outline in the ‘Units of Competency’ and ‘Electives’ section on each accredited course page


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