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Credit Transfer

Avante Education has a policy to acknowledge formal Statements of Attainments issued by another RTO.

Credit transfer as defined in the AQF reduces the amount of learning required to achieve a qualification and may be through credit transfer, articulation, recognition of prior learning or advanced standing.

Where students have made an application for Credit Transfer on any equivalent units in a qualification, credit will be granted and the student will not be required to repeat the training in those units where application has been made and credit has been granted.

Credit transfer assesses the initial course or subject that an individual’s using to claim access to, or the award of credit in, a destination course. The assessment determines the extent to which the client’s initial course or subject is equivalent to the required learning outcomes, competency outcomes, or standards in a qualification. This may include credit transfer based on formal learning that is outside the AQF.

Recognition by an RTO of the AQF qualifications and statements of attainment issued by all other RTO in all state and territories, thereby enabling national recognition of the qualifications and statements of attainment issued to any person.

You can apply for Credit Transfer or National Recognition through the application process or within two weeks from your commencment date.  If it is applied for after

In the event that your application for Credit Transfer has not been successful you may discuss this further with Avante Education.


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