Online Service Standards

Avante Education offers courses that are delivered with an online component.
Avante Education is committed to providing a quality learning experience for Learners studying
online and these online service standards explain our commitment to Learners in key areas.
Courses with online components include the following:


  1. Learners who attend face-to-face classes and:
    • a. Access learning resources electronically via an online portal
    • b. Submit some or all assessments electronically via the online portal


  1. Student who attend Connected in Real-time (CiRT) classes and:
    • a. Access learning resources electronically via an online portal
    • b. Submit most or all assessments electronically via the online portal\
    • c. Attend classes by logging into a live online class via a webinar link
  • Learner Support

    Avante Education provides the following support to Learners studying any aspect of their course online:

    Trainers & Assessors

    —  May be contacted via their Avante Education email

    —  Will reply to queries within 2 business days

    —  Assessments are graded within 14 business days of submission

    Administration Staff

    — Learners can request to speak to an administration staff member at any time via email to or by ringing Student Support between 9am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday on Victorian business days.

    — If an administration staff member is not available at the time, a message will be forwarded to them and they will return the call within 2 business days.

    Learner support

    — Are available for live queries by phone between 9am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday on Victorian business days

    — Student support can be contacted via email to or any time; however, please allow up to 2 business days to respond.

    IT support helpdesk for technical queries

    — Will be available via phone between 9am and 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm on weekends and public holidays, or by email to

    —  Will reply to queries within 48 hrs

    Student Welfare

    Avante Education has experienced mental health first-aid officers available and can be contacted between 09:00 – 5:00pm Monday to Friday in person, via telephone, video conference or email

  • Student Entry Requirements and Induction

    Avante Education conducts a comprehensive Pre-Training Review (PTR) for all prospective Learners to determine whether a course is suitable and appropriate for their individual needs.

    As part of the PTR process, we include an evaluation of a prospective learner’s digital literacy (PC Skills) to ensure that they will be successfully able to complete a course with an online component.

    Also, it is a requirement that all learners meet the minimum requirements of Avante Education’s Student BYOD (Bring your Own Device) Policy.  The BYOD information can be found at here.

    Evaluation of PC skills (digital literacy)

    For Learners who are enrolling into a course that involves PC literacy (such as accessing information online, or completing learning activities or assessments online or submitting assessments via the portal, the Learners must have their PC skills evaluated as part of their language, literacy and numeracy skills (LLN).

    We use an online LLN tool which requires Learners to undertake basic PC skills in order to complete the evaluation. This includes, but is not limited to:


    1. The ability to logon to a computer
    2. Access emails and click a link within an email
    3. Login into an online database (LLN tool)
    4. Use a mouse and keyboard
    5. Read and respond to online text


    Learners who meet the minimum requirements for the LLN evaluation for their course will be considered to meet PC literacy requirements.

    Learners who do not meet the minimum requirements for the LLN evaluation will be evaluated individually to see whether they meet PC literacy requirements.

  • Minimum technology requirements

    Online Portal

    Avante Education provides a digital library via the online Learner portal.  Each Learner will be allocated a username and password at induction and will provide training and IT support staff to induct Learners on the platform.

    BYOD Minimum Requirements Assessment & Conditions of Use

    Please access here

  • Learning materials available online

    Learning Materials

    Avante Education ensures that learning materials used for online training components are interactive and are presented in a variety of formats including:

    • Online reading content (PDFs are used for longer documents) for pre or past class reading
    • Guided content
    • Graphics
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Interaction through discussion forums and webinars
    • Interaction done in class (whether face-to-face or online)

    Mode and Method of Assessment

    Where practical and / or observation assessments are required, these may be collected externally to the LMS via the assessor undertaking direct observation face-to-face, watching a live video link or watching an uploaded video.

    Where verbal assessments are required, these will be recorded directly into the online portal where necessary and applicable.

    In addition, supplementary evidence may also be required for some courses and units such as:

    • Third party reports
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • On-job performance outcomes
  • Trainers and Assessors

    All trainers and assessors delivering courses at Avante Education with an online component have undertaken in-house professional development as follows:

    • Trainer equipment setup and webinar features
    • Learning materials & resource access
    • aXcelerate communications with Learners
    • Recording and distribution of training deliveries
    • Using web resources for learner engagement
    • New technologies in the Google ecosystem
    • Zoom breakout rooms
    • Zoom meeting setup, scheduling and notifications
    • Dual-monitor setups, screen sharing, screen portion sharing