Avante Education

Established 2012

Someone once told me that “if you live in the past, it effects your present and gets in the way of your future” Well, that was some 20 years ago, hearing that phrase had a profound impact on my life in that moment , it put everything into perspective for me and from that point on, I have made a conscious effort to be mindful of the power of that attitude!

Avante Education was inspired by this attitude because it means moving forward.

The name sits at the very core of what we believe represents a great attitude in Education.

Our going beyond attitude guides every decision we make in pursuit of building stronger relationships with Industry to deliver great trainers, great learning resources, real skills, and better futures for our graduates.

Our beyond education attitude guides our every action to provide our students with an inspirational experience for them to move forward, progress further, and take the challenge to go beyond and add value to any Industry.

Domenica Kemp


if you live in the past, it effects your present and gets in the way of your future.

Great Trainers
Real Skills
Better Futures

Avante Education’s focus in the industry of VET is to provide learners with the best trainers in the industry, providing real industry-backed skills leading to better outcomes and futures with real job outcomes.

Performance Summary Report 2021

This report details the 2021 results of the Student Satisfaction Survey and from the Employer Satisfaction Survey , as well as results
from previous years of the surveys

Proportion of Students Satisfied with Training
Proportion of Students who Achieved Main Reason of Training
Proportion of Students who would Recommend Avante Education
Proportion of Employers who were satisfied with their Apprentice's Training
Proportion of Employers who would recommend Avante Education


All Avante Education practical courses offer Skills Training Centres to learn hands-on in a simulated workplace setup offering both theoretical learning and practical placement in the same location.