Bring your Own Device Policy

Avante Education is committed to ensuring that its processes for administering the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology requirements of any Program of Study is fundamentally based on existing Access and Equity Principles, Fees Charges and Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Emergency response and management policy and is fundamentally based on the requirements of the Law, regulations and contractual agreements which externally govern our organisation

  • 2. Purpose

    The purpose of the Policy is to ensure that Avante Education Learner Aid and Educational Support Policy and guidelines reflects the technology requirements of any Program of Study including but not limited, accredited training packages delivered in accordance with Avante Education scope of registration at any one time and supports our educational philosophy of interactive training programs, flexible training arrangements under our access and equity policy and to ensure progression and not disruption to a students learning journey under our Emergency Response Management Policy.

  • 3. Scope

    The scope of this policy is relevant to all prospective and current learners across Avante Education Scope of Registration, Training Locations whether funded by any state funding body, employers, other stakeholders or fee for service learners and includes non accredited short courses as authorised in any calendar year. The scope of this policy also is relevant to all subcontractors, employees full time, part time, casual or any other stakeholder who is required to use their own device from time to time to access Avante Education servers, drives and information either for administration purposes, course delivery, course participation and completion or general.

  • 4. Policy Statement

    It is a requirement of this policy to ensure that processes are established for device requirements to be pre-determined in a program of study, pre-disclosed to prospective learners and that clear agreements are established for the uptake and implementation of such devices. In establishing these clear guidelines and processes, it is a requirement of this policy that all governing policies and external laws be adequately observed by all parties for either receiving the device or administering the processes.

  • 5. Related Policies

    It is a requirement of this policy to ensure that it’s related policies are inline with this policies’ guiding principles. These related policies are;

    • Fees Charges and Refund Policy
    • Privacy Policy
    • Emergency Response and Management Policy
  • 6. Definitions

    Device is used for the term ‘digital device’; an electronic device that can receive, store, process or send digital information.

    Device Minimum Requirements is the minimum requirements Avante Education deems a device needs to be to satisfactorily complete the requirements of the course.

    Special circumstances are generally those beyond the control of the learner and which have an impact upon the learner’s course progress or wellbeing. These could include, but are not limited to:

    • Serious illness or injury, where a medical certificate states that the learner was unable to attend classes.
    • Bereavement of close family members such as parents or grandparents (where possible a death certificate should be provided).
    • Major political upheaval or natural disaster at the home and has impacted on the learner’s studies.
    • A traumatic experience that has impacted on the learner which could include involvement 
in, or witnessing of a serious accident or witnessing or being the victim of a serious crime. Such cases supported by police or psychologists’ reports.


    Operating System An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs.

    Mac OSX An operating system that is created by Apple, for use on Apple laptops and desktops

    Windows 7, 8, Vista or 10 An range of operating systems designed by IBM, for use on PC laptops and desktops

    iOS An operating system that is designed by Apple, for use on iOS devices such Apple iPhone’s and Tablets

    Android An operating system that is designed by Google, for use on Android devices such as non-apple Mobile devices and tablets.

    Software the programs and other operating information used by a computer

    Hardware is used to define ‘Computer Hardware’ which includes the physical parts of a device, such as the case, central processing unit (CPU), monitor, keyboard, computer data storage, graphics card, sound card, speakers and motherboard.

    Password A string of computer keyboard characters that allows access to a computer system.

    Email Account An Email Account acts as a virtual address for Email Messages. It is provided to you by your Email Account Provider and allows you to send and receive messages digitally between you and Avante Education

    Wireless Card or wireless network interface controller is a network interface controller which connects to a wireless radio-based computer network, rather than a wired network

    Administrative privileges is a mandatory device user privilege on the student device account in which it gives the ability to make major changes to a system, typically an operating system.

    Training Delivery is a training session in any format that is between trainer and student for a scheduled timeframe

    Google Account is the Avante Education nominated cloud service provider for the purposes of delivering google services to students.

    Rooted (Android) or Jailbroken (iOS) is a term used to define a device as being unlawfully unlocked by bypassing the manufacturer or carrier’s operating system.

    Mobile Carrier a cell phone companies that provides cellular service to cell phone/tablets users

    Induction Date is the date a student is required to attend class for an ‘induction day’, before their first official day of study.  Induction days prepare the student for their course and go over all requirements to undertake study successfully.

  • 7. Policy Principles

    Guiding Principles
    Avante Education have identified the following moving parts as the guiding principles which forms the BYOD policy

    7.01 Notification of BYOD requirements and cost
    7.02 Device Minimum requirements
    7.03 Conditions of Use

    1. 7.01 Notification of BYOD requirements and cost
    a) It is a requirement of this policy that device requirements all fees, charges and associated on-going costs (if any) be pre identified and pre disclosed to all parties within the scope of this policy.
    b) It is a requirement of this policy that all operational characteristics of the BYOD conditions of use are pre disclosed to all parties within the scope of this policy.
    c) It is a requirement of this policy that any technological advancements or changes to devices are notified to all parties within the scope of this policy within (14) days of those changes being made known and that a transition period that is an adequate notice period is provided to all parties within the scope of this policy to ensure a re engagement of acceptance is obtained prior to making those changes.
    d) In support of clause 7.01(a), (b), (c), Avante Education must be satisfied that all parties within the scope of this policy are provided with either a hard copy of the conditions of use or referred to an electronic copy prior to enrolment in the case of a prospective learner, or pre engagement in respect to all other stakeholders nominated within the scope of this policy.
    e) Sufficient evidence must be available upon request in relations to the requirements outlined in clause 7.01 (a), (b), (c).
    f) It is a requirement of this policy, that the BYOD conditions of use be made publicly available.

    2. 7.02 Device Minimum Requirements
    a) It is a requirement of this policy that Device Minimum Requirements be established to ensure compatibility with Avante Education operating systems (OS).
    b) Purchasing Options for any of the parties within the scope of this policy to either purchase their own or through Avante Education.

    3. 7.03 Conditions of Use
    a) It is a requirement of this Policy that the conditions of use include the following operational principals at a minimum and are clearly defined to each party included in the scope of this policy
    i. Clear Ownership of the Device
    ii. Obligation by the party of when a device can and cannot be used
    iii. Obligation of the duration of the device to be in line with course duration or contract/employment duration
    iv. Mandatory services required to support the device when it is needed and for the entire duration as specified for each party either in a Train Plan or Contract/Employment Agreement.
    v. Obligations to maintain Admin privileges
    vi. Provisions for connectivity and support services provided by Avante Education and availability of these services to the party.
    vii. Clear instructions for authorised activity, non-authorised activity and unlawful activity
    viii. Provisions for security requirements
    ix. Provisions for Risk, Liabilities and Disclaimers in the event of stolen, lost or data loss suffered with the device.


Student BYOD Policy
Conditions of Use Agreement