6 key steps to designing and sizing roof drainage systems

When designing and sizing a roof drainage system, there are several factors to consider to ensure proper water flow and prevent damage to the building. Here are the steps to follow to achieve this:

  1. Determine the roof area: The first step is to calculate the roof area in square meters. This can be done by measuring the length and width of the roof and multiplying them together.
  2. Determine the rainfall intensity: The next step is to determine the average rainfall intensity in the area where the building is located. This information can be obtained from local weather records or through online resources.
  3. Determine the gutter size: Based on the roof area and rainfall intensity, the appropriate gutter size can be determined. The size of the gutter will affect the amount of water it can handle and the speed at which it can flow.
  4. Determine the downpipe size: Based on the gutter size, the appropriate downpipe size can be determined. The downpipe size should be able to handle the maximum amount of water that the gutter can handle.
  5. Determine the number of downpipes: The number of downpipes needed will depend on the size of the roof area and the volume of water that needs to be drained. In general, it is recommended to have at least one downpipe for every 10 meters of gutter length.
  6. Install the roof drainage system: Once the sizing and design have been determined, the roof drainage system can be installed according to local building codes and standards.

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The CPCPRF4011 – Design and size roof drainage systems is a core unit in the CPC40920 – Certificate IV in Plumbing course, which is suitable for anyone who is currently registered in roofing (stormwater) and wants to take their career to the next step to become licensed in roofing (stormwater). However, students who are only interested in gaining the skills and knowledge required to design and size room drainage systems can opt to complete this single unit rather than the entire course. This provides a flexible option for individuals who wish to gain a specific qualification or upgrade their skills in a specific area of plumbing. Successful completion of the CPCPRF4011 unit will enable students to

  • Identify roof drainage system requirements.
  • Design and size system layout

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