Must-Have Makeup & Beauty Products For Your Purse

Makeup & Beauty Product Essentials

We all want our makeup to appear flawless throughout the day.  We’ve compiled a list of the 5 essential products you should not be leaving the house without. Whether you’re headed for a night out with a tiny clutch or the kind of gal who carries a giant handbag everywhere you go, bring these hero products with you.

Party of 5

  • 1. Balm

    Firstly, not only can you use a balm to moisturise your lips, but you can apply it to your fingernails to moisturise the cuticle; to any cuts or abrasions to create a temporary protective cover; to a dry nose to sooth irritation in winter; to flyaway hairs to smooth them down and even to your heels to avoid nasty blisters in your favourite but painful shoes! Amazing!

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  • 2. Scent

    It’s so refreshing to spritz a little of a gorgeous scent throughout the day. Keeping a travel sized perfume or spray in your purse will keep you smelling fresh for any occasion and barely takes up any precious purse space.

  • 3. Powder

    Nobody likes the look or feel of an oily face. Your face should be kept in place with the help of a translucent finishing powder for a flawless just-ready look minus the horrible cake finish!

  • 4. Brightener

    We’ve all battled dark circles at some point. Keep them at bay with an eye brightening or illuminating pencil. This type of product won’t take up a lot of space in your purse and doesn’t require any brushes for application. Use it under the eyes, on the brow bone, in the corners of the eyes or on your cupid’s bow to bring brightness and a wakening effect to your face, at any point during the day.

  • 5. Lipstick

    Providing hydration as well as a gorgeous bright colour, lipstick is the perfect way to lift your makeup at the end of the day before heading out for dinner, drinks or even just as a personal pick-me-up. Most of all, nothing looks worse than worn lipstick after lunch, so if you put lipstick on when you leave in the morning, it’s best to have some with you throughout the day for touch-ups.

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