Makeup Quick Tips To Master

Creating the perfect eye makeup is easy when you’re equipped with pro tips for smooth application. auss-one Training & Education offers the nationally recognised SHB50115 – Diploma of Beauty Therapy in Melbourne so you can learn the best application techniques for more than eye makeup. In the meantime, master these 5 quick eye makeup tips for easy application and let your eyes do the talking!

Eye Makeup Top 5 Tips

1. Eyelashes

New tubes of mascara often transfer a lot of extra product onto the wand for the first few uses, causing clumpy lashes on application. Before your first coat, simply glide the brush over a tissue or makeup remover pad to remove excess formula, then apply a coat of mascara to both sides of your lashes. Alternate between looking up and down while applying to ensure the lashes are fully covered to appear much thicker.

2. Baby Doll Eyes

If you want your makeup the appearance of sweet, innocent, open baby doll eyes; remember that often less is more. If you’re a fan of fake lashes, skip the strip lashes and opt for individual lashes. Strip lashes can easily look bulky and unnatural, appearing heavy on the eyelid. Individual lashes appear more natural and light, curling upwards and opening the eye for a wider look.

3. Brows

The importance of good eyebrows should never be ignored. Before you start tweezing, use a brow pencil to draw on the shape you want. Then, carefully tweeze any hairs that fall outside this new brow line. Brush the brows straight up with an old toothbrush, trimming any hairs that are too long with small scissors. Avoid tweezing long brow hairs as it can result in gaps in the eyebrow.

4. Eye Shadow

Have you ever purchased a gorgeously vibrant coloured eyeshadow only to find that once applied, the intensity is gone? The key to making those colours pop is to apply them onto a white base. Use white eyeliner and cover your entire lid before applying the colour of your choice, increasing their vibrancy and staying power.

5. Hooded Lids

In makeup, hooded lids have a tendency to eat up shadow. To achieve sultry smoky eyes on hooded lids, you’ll need to apply the eyeshadow slightly above the lid to create a crease where there isn’t one naturally. Make sure you blend this shadow out carefully to achieve a polished look.

Become a Makeup Artist

You too can have a career sharing and imparting makeup tips. Check out our makeup courses today, send us a quick email online or phone us on 1300 766 228.

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