Deferral, Suspension, Cancellation, Withdrawal

Avante Education may defer commencement of a course when a course is not offered. Learners may defer commencement of a course or suspend or cancel their enrolment during their course under the following limited circumstances:

  • Unavailability of a course or pre-requisite unit.
  • On the grounds of compassionate or compelling circumstances (at the discretion of auss-one).

Avante Education may cancel or suspend a Learner’s enrolment in the following instances:

  • Learner misbehaviour as outlined in the Learner Code of Conduct.
  • Erratic course progress or continuous absence from scheduled course hours.
  • Learner takes leave of absence without approval.
  • The Learner does not return to study after a scheduled term or holiday break or following an approved leave of absence such as deferment or suspension of studies.